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I currently type about 15 wpm and have to look at the keyboard…… I am practicing on a daily basis with Typesy … How long per day should i spend practicing doing the courses ? will the wpm pick up and will the accuracy also increase? What is your advice/opinion?

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Congrats on starting your touch typing journey! Your post brings back memories of my own touch typing struggles.

How long should I practice? Well, the time varies with people. I found it helpful to practice for 20 minutes or so, then take a short break. I repeated this process multiple times daily.

Will the wpm pick up and will the accuracy also increase? Absolutely!! Practice makes perfect! It may take awhile; it did for me, but consistent practice is the key. Also, avoid looking at the keyboard. Typesy offers numerous games/activities that are designed to help you gain speed and accuracy. Take advantage of those.

Best wishes for your success!

Thank you for your prompt answer…

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Did you find that you did well on the one lesson and when you returned to repeat the lesson you did worse…… is this normal? will there be improvement overall if you practice and practice…over and over again? i started a week ago

I definitely had my bad times and good times. It seemed to be worse for me if I was tired. For example, the a to q movement was especially hard. Some days it was easier. However, you will definitely improve if you keep practicing; some days might just seem worse than others.

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Once again thank you for your prompt answer……and help
Much Appreciated…

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Same here! I actually hit around 60/wpm or higher after a couple of weeks. I had this habit of using my index finger for every key when typing, so it took me a while to get used to the correct way of finger placement. Anyway, i’m sure you’ll find that you’ll get familiar with the keyboard the more you use the program.

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Steven thank you very much for your answer and assistance
much appreciated
Thank you

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Hey, no problem at all, George! Just create a thread if you ever need help with anything, or if you have any ideas to share. I’m sure that our Typesy Community members will be more than happy to participate. Oh, and that includes me! :grin:

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