Anyone know how to get a faster typing speed

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to help me to type faster and with accuracy without looking at my hands. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone had any tips for me.


By learning and practicing touch typing, you’ll be typing faster in no time. To master touch typing, begin by learning the correct finger positions. Each finger has assigned letters based on the positioning of the hand over the keyboard. The middle row on a QWERTY keyboard will serve as the home row, the starting position for each finger. Try to first learn to become comfortable with this starting position; this is made easier on many keyboards with a raised ridge on the F and J keys. These markers indicate where the index fingers should be placed on the home row, so you can feel your way back to home row rather than needing to look at the keyboard directly.

An average typist should be maintaining an accuracy rate around 92%, about 8 mistakes per 100 words. To improve on accuracy, slow your typing to focus more on typing correctly rather than quickly. It seems counter intuitive if your goal is to type faster, but only once you’re able to lower the amount of mistakes made should you be pushing for a higher WPM.

Keep practicing proper positioning and eventually muscle memory will allow you to type without looking at your hands with ease!

Typesy Team

Thanks for the info, I will certainly look into doing that. Muscle memory is a strong suit for me luckily. Thanks for the response, I will continue to practice