Why do people keep on committing the same typing mistake for particular words?

There are times that some people keep on repeating the same typing mistakes like ‘and’ typed as ‘adn’. Is there any way to stop repeating such mistake?


Typing errors may happen for a lot of reasons, and in the case of particular words or grammatical errors, it may simply be that you need to improve your vocabulary or sentence structure. However, even when you know what you’re trying to type, you may frequently end up with errors. This can be because you’re simply striking the keys incorrectly - you may need to take a moment and “recalibrate” yourself for correct key placement. If you find that you’re partial to messing up particular words, phrases, or sentences, try typing the selection repeatedly until it’s correct. Then, continue typing it correctly for a while, until you’ve filled an entire page worth of your chosen word processor with the selection that normally gives you trouble. You may still not type it perfectly, and may still need to backspace and make corrections, but you should notice a marked improvement in how you type and in your ability to avoid those mistakes.

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Hi, @bonnieaustin!

If you’re referring to this type of mistake for touch typing, it may be an issue with incorrect muscle memory. With touch typing, the goal is to train your fingers to move instinctively over the keys. If finger positioning is off when practicing, your brain may learn incorrectly, committing the mistake to muscle memory. If the same mistake is being repeated over and over, this is likely the case. At that point, you would want to take Lyka’s advice and keep practicing over and over until your brain rewires.