Taking your money!

If this isn’t a scam, then it is a collaboration of the laziest people. Absolutely no communication, no way to cancel your subscription, they claim that you can submit a ticket, it is a scam. They placate you until your credit card gets charged, or more likely they are just selling it off, but that is only a best estimate, since I cannot get ahold of anyone, I can only make guesses. I will be contacting the credit card company to put them on notice.

I have been with this site for a long time and my credit card is 100% safe. It is always wise to make sure your credit card is protected anyways for any site. Typsey is not a scam. There are people on the other side of this screen. They try as best as possible. Please make sure your posts are on the right priority. Or they will go into the mass of worthless chit-chat. If you have a question please consult a leader.