Mandatory Typesy Subscription?

So, is typesy subscription-only now??? I have been using typesy on and off for about two years and today I just got a pop up to “Try Typesy VIP”… for $8 a month! I paid for the program when I bought it, why would I now want to pay again… every month?
So far, I cannot click off the pop-up or bypass the message, so the program is inoperable. Is this a permanent change or temporary?

I have the same problem i just logged a ticket to get rid of this annoying feature. They cant force us to do this i am with you on this. Let us fight it out.

I suspect they have made an error in the coding on the nag screens. The non-VIP courses still appear to be free - they need to fix it and fast!

Just gave feedback on Facebook - I reckon it is a ‘scope’ issue in the coding. They’ve informed their coders.

Thanks for doing that. I emailed them but didn’t think about FB. Should more of us mention this or is it being taken care of?

Seems like they are aware and on top of this.

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How do you know they are aware of it? I have not seen any thing from Typesy that they are working on it. $8 a month is sort of ridiculous after already paying for the program up front. There are a lot of other typing programs out there.

I don’t I only have their word for it typesy
Get a refund if you are dissatisfied - I’l wait to see if they sort it out.

Looks like this has now been fixed

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