How do i login?

its not letting me login to typesy and its tell me subscription expired visit your IT how do I work on typsey now?

Purchases made between 2014-2017 have a 3 year subscription. So it would depend on when you 1st made your subscription. You could also maybe contact a Typsey Team member and ask how to get to CS (customer service) and they could probably direct you for a new account. :slight_smile:

Hi, @LATORA_tora!

Were you able to fix the issue? Have you been able to successfully log in yet? If not, please contact Typesy customer support!

Typesy Team

@LATORA_tora, Hey were you able to login yet. I am just making sure that you did :slightly_smiling_face: :smile:

yea sorry i cant go to the community any more but i can chat in gmail hows your game going

Good Why can’t you go in Community anymore? :scream: