Procedure for massaging hands

Hi, may I know some procedures to do hand massages?

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Start by making small circles with the flat of your thumb around the palm of your other hand. Keep that hand relaxed while you do the massage. Use enough pressure to reach deep muscles, but not so much that you’re causing yourself more pain. Make circles over the base of the thumb on that hand, and be sure to massage the thick pad of muscle between the thumb and forefinger. Turn your hand over and continue to use the thumb of the other hand, massaging these muscles at the base of your thumb and up to the webbing.
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Hello, @noramedrano!

If you are experiencing tingling or numbness, you may find massaging along the path of the nerves in your arm helpful, too. It’s important to keep your shoulders relaxed and your arms bent no tighter than 90 degrees. If you bend your arm too much, the nerves get scrunched up. Too much of this is often the reason people experience discomfort when typing. I personally suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so I need to be extra aware of not bending my wrists too harshly.

I can attest to the power of researching how to maintain proper posture and hand positioning while typing - the tips and tricks I have picked up have definitely seemed to alleviate the usual CTS issues.

Hope that helps!
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