Will typing hurt your hands?

I am hesitant to try typing because it might cause pain in my hands. Are there any standard method to use to avoid this?


You can do simple hand massages. Start by making small circles with the flat of your thumb around the palm of your other hand. Keep that hand relaxed while you do the massage. Use enough pressure to reach deep muscles, but not so much that you’re causing yourself more pain. Make circles over the base of the thumb on that hand, and be sure to massage the thick pad of muscle between the thumb and forefinger. Turn your hand over and continue to use the thumb of the other hand, massaging these muscles at the base of your thumb and up to the webbing.

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Hello, @ahsanmarks!

Have no fear! There are ways you can actively avoid long term damage caused by typing. After all, the act of typing is not the problem - bad habits are!

As with any physical movement, too much can cause strain, so staying aware of your body posture and hand positioning is crucial in avoiding long term damage. Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight. Shoulders should be relaxed and elbows bent no tighter than 90°. Always check that you are holding your wrists in a neutral position, with the thumb running parallel to the forearm, the wrist bending only slightly upwards. If you feel your wrists hitting the keyboard or desk, reposition. And of course utilize healthy habits like taking typing breaks and properly stretching hands and fingers.

I suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist. When it flares up, due to over activity, typing can certainly become uncomfortable. CTS is a relatively common condition that presents as pain, tingling, or full numbness in the hands and arms caused by the nerves running along the arm being squeezed. Luckily CTS is as manageable as it is common. Whenever I can start to feel a flare up coming on, I simply wear a wrist brace for a few days. A metal bar in the brace keeps my wrist in a neutral position. Giving my wrist a break from movement for a couple of days always seems to take care of the problem. I’ll sometimes wear the brace preemptively as well, if I know I will be moving my hands and arms a lot, like, if I know I’m in for a long day of typing.

Hope that helps quell your fears!
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