Keyboarding Benefits

What are the benefits of keyboarding to students?

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Keyboarding give the following benefits:

  1. Improved school results
  2. Ready for college and the workforce
  3. Work happier and faster

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Hello there, @melanieellis!

There are many tangible benefits to students having this skill, for both within and beyond the classroom.

Of course, there are the immediate focuses: as presented in key national standards, keyboarding is deemed an essential skill. Many states have converted from paper- to computer-based tests, meaning students must have a solid foundation of keyboard learning in order for test scores not to skew.

But I like to discuss less concrete benefits with my class, too. I’ll have students consider the time saved across an entire lifetime. If you were to hypothesize the time spent typing over a lifetime and compare time spent between a hunt-and-peck typist and a touch-typist, you’re sure to be shocked. Proficient, relatively speedy typing may not seem to be a skill that makes much of a difference every second of every day, but those seconds, minutes, and hours add up over a lifetime. So not only do you benefit from learning to type, you’ll continue to benefit from saved time in perpetuity.

As the world continues to rely more heavily on technology, the ability to type has become a necessary skill for any and all entering the 21st-century workforce, so whatever we can do as teachers to prepare our students for this reality, the better!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)