Is touch typing faster that hunt-and-pecking?

I can say I already have a decent typing speed, it’s 50-60 WPM, but if I learn touch typing, would it still increase?


Some people are more than comfortable with the hunt-and-peck typing technique and are content with the method. But, many typists prefer to use the touch-typing method for a variety of reasons.

One of the biggest reasons of these is the typing speed, or how many words per minute (wpm) can be accomplished when you don’t have to waste time hunting down each key. Your typing speed will increase more, but you need to invest time and effort first. You need to practice and be invested in not only learning the new technique, but in forgetting the detrimental habits of your old method.

Some employers will require you to know how to touch-type as part of certain jobs. This is especially true in clerical jobs in a variety of offices.

Some employers will even offer you a pay increase or learning new skills that are beneficial to the work you’re doing, and because your typing speed will increase with this method, so will your overall productivity and value to your employer.

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Lyka Remeticado
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Hi, @farhanrobinson!

Without formal training, a WPM above 50 is rather impressive! Make sure you are factoring in accuracy, too - a high WPM with many mistakes is not a desirable goal.

Using two or three fingers to hunt and peck takes much longer and allows for the development of bad habits. It is much better to keep your hands still and allow for efficient use of all fingers. Touch typing involves the specific placements of all eight fingers and both thumbs, so once your muscle memory is strong enough, you will be able to focus on the screen rather than the keyboard.

Take a moment to test your speed, accuracy, and ability to look away from the keyboard. In all likelihood, readjusting to the touch typing method will improve your overall typing ability in the long run.

You may experience an initial decrease in your speed and ability when first transitioning to touch typing, but hang in there. Once your have developed the muscle memory required, I’m confident your ability will increase by quite a bit.