Is a 65-90 WPM normal for a different technique?

Posting this 1/21/2024, in my 4th period, we do computer tech, which means we also practice typing. The site we normally go to is, where I have already taken the advanced final assessment (my classmates are still on home row), but the thing is, I get like 65-90 WPM while using a different technique then what sites teach (I do have a good accuracy which is normally 95%-99%). I grew up with this (I play video games a lot, I think my style came out of quickly pressing buttons to play) and am wondering if I should go to the normal style, because my teacher on the first few days said that his technique was wrong and now he has a few health problems. (also quick tip if you stuck out to read this, is a good site for practicing full sentences) (uh quick thing, I have NEVER used the style where they just use 2 fingers and poke the keys)

Quick note, I don’t look at the keyboard. I have memorized the keys and sometimes even replaced the keys with other keys to help. ( and for fun. I mean, i can spell a lot of things with the keys )