Is 120 a good typing speed for 12-year old?

i can do around 30 :sob:

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Im 12 and I type at 93 wpm. Highest ive gotten has been 101 wpm.

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uhhh yesss. That is awesomeeee :blush:

50 good for a 8 year old? :thinking:

That’s amazing !!!
I’m older than you and I type around 38-ish
(Sorry for not saying my actual age I don’t feel comfortable doing so …)

totally fine ok how many typesy point you got i have 7211

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@coinballon78 …All I know is I am at platinum level … I can not remember the exact number … Sorry !!!

fine im gold so close to platinum yay

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How long have you been doing typsey ???

3 weeks and 4 days yeah

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how long have you done typesy?

Cool , I’ve been doing it for a little under a year … !!

I’m just not very consistent at doing it …

do you have xbox if soo can i join on minecraft if you have it sorry off topic can i create a neither topic

how did you get that smiley so big

Ill make a new topic hold on one sec …

I finished !!!
The topic is called hey
And yes I’m that creative !!!

i got 143 wpm and acc 100% and I’m 11


im 12 and i type consistently 80-150wpm lol