I don't know much about keyboarding.

I don’t know keyboarding. I’ve been using 1 finger typing ever since.

Wow! 1-finger typing is a bit hard.

You might want to use Typesy to help you be familiar with the keyboard. It may take time for you to learn though since it would be considered a totally new skill.

Hi there!

Using one finger to hunt and peck takes much longer and allows for the development of bad habits. It is much better to keep your hands still and allow for efficient use of all fingers. Touch typing involves the specific placements of all eight fingers and both thumbs; once muscle memory is strong enough, this style will allow for you to focus on the screen rather than the keyboard.

If practiced consistently on a daily basis, your typing skills are bound to improve dramatically in a matter of weeks. Since each Typesy lesson is customized to its learner, you will be able to practice and progress at a speed comfortable to you. You’ll be touch typing in no time!

Typesy Team