I already have a typing speed of 120, but should I still learn touch typing?

I’m currently using my index finger on my left hand and my index finger and middle finger on my right hand to achieve speeds of around 120 WPM on speed test websites. Should I learn 10-finger typing?

Wow! Such an awesome typing speed. I think there is nothing wrong with not using all of your fingers as long as you are comfortable with it. But if you really want to learn touch typing, I would say it would be much better because the speed of two fingers can never reach


Achieving an accurate 120 WPM speed while using only three fingers to type is incredible and nearly unheard of.

However, that seems like a peak speed, not an average speed. The point of touch-typing is to anchor they keyboard handling in your subconscious. That leaves your conscious mind able to focus on the task at hand rather than focusing on the key placement. What that means is you save time not having to hunt down each individual letter, number, or symbol.

You’ll be able to keep your eyes focused on the text as it appears on the screen, which will help to minimize errors. In the event of an error, you will be able to fix it immediately rather than having to go back and correct errors after you complete a sentence, paragraph, or page of text. Switching typing methods may result in a slower WPM at first, but with practice and diligence, you will meet and even exceed your previous word count capability.

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Hi, @carlosstevenson!

A 120 WPM is incredibly impressive - more so knowing you’re still using the hunt and peck method. Imagine how efficient you could become using the touch typing method!

I would suggest you test your speed, accuracy, and ability to type without looking. In all likelihood, readjusting to the touch typing method will improve your overall typing ability in the long run.

And remember - no matter how you type, always practice good technique and proper body posture!