(Guide #3 for Everyone) How to keep track of your own progress with Typesy

Hi everyone! We get questions from time to time on how to keep track of their progress with Typesy. Luckily (qeue the drum roll), I’m here to show how to use it.

You can actually hover your mouse on each one (i.e Typing Mastery, Typing Speed, Accuracy, etc) to get a brief explanation on what it means, as well as check on your progress.

So first things first! Click on the Profile tab.

This is what your profile page looks like. I’m going to divide this section into 4 parts, and show what each one looks like when you hover your mouse over it.

  1. Typing Mastery, Typing Speed, Accuracy.

Info 1

  1. Typesy Level

Info 2

  1. Keyboard Knowledge Heat Map: For this one, it doesn’t show an explanation when you hover over it. However, it is pretty easy to understand. You’ll see that each key on this keboard map has different colors. From green, yellow, to red. This indicates your knowledge proficiency for each one. Green being the highest, and red being the lowest.

(Don’t mind my heat map. I’m still trying to improve even though I have been working with a keyboard everyday . haha)

Info 3

  1. Typing Mastery can also be viewed in the Stats tab (please refer to the 2nd image above. You’ll see Stats beside Dashboard)

There we go! That’s all you need to know about tracking your progress. I’ll be making more of these guides and informative threads in the future. So let me know what you would like to know next, by leaving a comment below!

Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead. Take care! :partying_face: