Do you know about Mavis Beacon?

We used Beacon before but seems like only few are using it now.

Hi there,

Beacon and other previous- generation programs still exist, but they seriously lag behind the needs of today’s schools. These products are rooted in a look-and-feel that seems ancient and clunky to today’s students.

Best Regards,
Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Newer technology allows for typing programs to be much more fun, colorful, interactive, and engaging than they once were, at great benefit to today’s students. Typesy engages students through a variety of gamified lessons in which they earn rewards, up their game status, and work towards custom goals. Students build their own avatars and practice typing through fun, interactive lessons. Additionally, Typesy adapts to each learner, so no student will ever find themselves with lessons too easy or too difficult. This integration of the advancements made in both pedagogy and technology since the days of Mavis Beacon may be why fewer and fewer stick with the old programs.

Typesy Team