About Mavis Beacon

Why is Mavis Beacon not so popular now?


Beacon and other previous- generation programs still exist, but they seriously lag behind the needs of today’s schools. These products are rooted in a look-and-feel that seems ancient and clunky to today’s students.

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Lyka Remeticado
Community Associate at Typesy

Hi, @breesummer!

Mavis Beacon programs are still very much available, but you’re right that they continue to decrease in popularity. The fact that not many people use them anymore is indicative of the progression of technology for reinforcing this type of learning. It’s not that those programs don’t work, it’s that we’ve come up with better - and more fun - ways to teach typing.

The most popular typing programs these days focus on learner engagement and motivation. Typesy, for example, is so customized and personal, a generic program such as Mavis Beacon can’t compete.


When Mavis Beacon was first popular, students were often not familiar with the keyboard in ways kids today are. Students of today have lives so intertwined with technology that it will be rare to encounter a student who has never typed.

As keyboards and typing grew to be ubiquitous over the past couple of decades, the market responded by providing plenty of options for learning these skills. While Mavis Beacon programs are still out there, they’re no where near as popuar now that typing students have such a wide variety of options for learning.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)