Beginner in Touch Typing

I have a 12-year old daughter who is new in touch typing and we purchased the individual version. Is this fine?


If it’s only for one kid and not homeschooled, the individual would be applicable.

Best Regards,
Lyka Remeticado
Community Associate at Typesy

Hello, @rowanparks!

Typesy’s individual program will be great for your daughter. With enough patience and practice, your daughter will be touch typing in a matter of weeks. 12 years old is the perfect age to learn this skill, and she has not yet used keyboards for enough time to have developed irreversible bad habits. It is advisable to first introduce structured keyboarding lessons before the middle school years. That way, students have developed the literacy and motor function skills needed but have not yet had too much time to develop bad typing habits. With Typesy, your daughter is absolutely on the right track.