ZType Plus is laggy; ZType was working better

Well, the title nearly says it all. Currently Ztype Plus doesn´t have that much value, it´s laggy, it´s not rendered in native res, it´s buggy; Ztype integrated was better (less laggy but still not nice, not buggy, no native res but widescreen), Ztype-Browser-Version is even superior anyways. (no important amount of lag, not buggy, no widescreen.

Please do create an awesome version for Typesy.

Hello, @LPH!

I just tried it out and am not sure I’m experiencing what you are. I get so addicted to this game, to getting to the next wave, even though I know the game is just a way to trick me into typing practice. It doesn’t even matter, I love playing it anyway!

I love that you can load in your own text. As a teacher, it’s a super fun way to get kids practicing their weekly spelling words!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)


Thanks for the feedback!

May I ask what device you are using Typesy when ZType Plus gets laggy?

Can you try opening the Web App on Google Chrome browser, please?


You can open the web app on Google Chrome in any device.

Kind Regards,

@Alex Just try out the browser version of ZTYPE. It´s ways more fluent.

And yes, I do like ZType in general as well, it´s a nice tool. But nice tools should get as much polishing as one can give them…

Just tried it out in web, it´s more fluent. But it feels like it is at maximum running at 60 FPS. Meanwhile, the browser of original Ztype clearly is most fluent. Feels like it´s able to reach 120FPS. (I´m using UHD120hz)
All of them are LowRes in general, should be fixed as well.

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