Will qwerty ever be replaced?

Do you think qwerty layout will be replaced as a standard layout by other layouts out there?


QWERTY is hard to replace.

The QWERTY keyboard layout was meant to boost your typing speed by slowing it down.

The QWERTY keyboard doesn’t have a random layout, as it might initially seem. The developer of the QWERTY typewriter layout, Christopher Sholes, had in fact based the layout of his keyboard on one simple principle: how to make typists type more efficiently by avoiding typebar jamming.

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@vanessacurry That is such an interesting question! Are you opposed to the QWERTY layout? Do you have another idea in mind?

As @Arella said, the QWERTY layout was a development made for the typewriter, a way of avoiding the bars of common letters jamming when struck together too quickly. However, now that we use keyboards rather than typewriters, perhaps there is another option that could become even more popular than QWERTY.

It’s fun to think about potential layouts, and some of the more unusual ergonomic keyboards out there certainly experiment, but with the ubiquity of the QWERTY format, it’s hard to fathom a layout that could replace it.

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