Is QWERTY the standard layout?

Many people are using the QWERT so it should be the universal layout.

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If you look back, you will find that the QWERTY layout was designed to slow down the speed of a typist. The designer of the QWERTY layout was Christopher Sholes. He wants to slow down the typing speed to reduce mistakes. Later, as this keyboard use broadly, slowly this layout become a universal layout.

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Hello, @mosesguthrie!

QWERTY certainly is a popular layout, and Typesy focuses solely on that format alone, but discussing universality is a tricky thing!

The QWERTY format came about out of necessity. Early typewriter typists had issues with keys getting jammed, so QWERTY was designed to avoid this. The thinking was to stretch commonly used letters apart, allowing your fingers to be less cramped when typing.

However, this is primarily true for the English language. Languages that also use the Roman alphabet may find QWERTY usable, but non-Roman languages require their own keyboards entirely.

That being said, as far as the English-speaking world is concerned, QWERTY really is the “universal” option already. If you think about it, no matter what brand of keyboard on what type of device you encounter, it will undoubtedly utilize the QWERTY layout by default.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)