What do you think are the disadvantages of QWERTY over the other keyboard layouts?

Since the sequence of QWERTY doesn’t have any basis for its arrangement, do you think other layout might or could have been better?

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QWERTY was designed to slow down typing on physical typewriters. Thus, we are stuck with a system meant to slow us down to avoid jamming the keyboards.

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Aidan Bernales
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Hello, @sanahabbott!

I disagree that the QWERTY layout lacks “any basis for its arrangement.” As Aidan pointed out, the QWERTY format was designed to avoid bar jams when typing on a typewriter. However, the thinking behind this was to stretch commonly used letters apart, allowing your fingers to be less cramped when typing. While an alphabetical layout may be easier to learn, you’d find your fingers fighting for space.

That being said, I’m always open to ideas! I’m interested to hear what you have in mind!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)