QWERTY Keys Arrangement

Why is QWERTY arranged that way?

Christopher Sholes, person who introduced QWERTY layout, had the ingenious idea of making touch typing harder and slower, on the theory that this would fix the bar jamming issue. Instead of figuring a way to avoid jamming by placing the keys physically farther apart, he thought that by placing the most common letters in the English alphabet as far as possible from one another, this would significantly slow down the typist and avoid bar jamming. Bar jamming meant that the typist’s flow was often interrupted and with Shole’s layout, bar jamming was reduced and typing become faster and more efficient.

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Many wonder why the traditional keyboard doesn’t just use an alphabetical layout, but it’s true that the QWERTY format is the best option for typing since it spreads the most used keys. This allows you to avoid too many fingers crammed into one area, vying for popular letters. While an alphabetical layout may be easier to learn when first starting to type, the benefits of the QWERTY layout far outweigh the time spent learning it.

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