Why use keyboard when there is voice recognition?

Please explain why keyboarding is better.


Voice-to-text and other keyboard alternatives have limitations for written expression. These technologies can adequately reproduce simple thoughts, especially in the informal register of oral speech. However, people expect ideas and stories to be converted into rich writing that is well developed, clearly organized, and solidly supported. This is a cognitive task that requires competent typing.

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Arella Bernales
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Hello, @kristinguest!

Many question whether the rise of voice recognition is the natural next step away from typing. I personally don’t believe so. Firstly, the technology isn’t quite good enough. The amount of times Siri and Alexa misunderstand should give you an idea. Not only does speech recognition have these issues, there is the added difficulty of including grammar as well. Currently homophones seem to be the biggest stumbling block for speech recognition programs. The tech isn’t advanced enough to decipher word choice from context.

That being said, even if the technology was precise, I’m not sure it would entirely rid us of typing. Consider working in a noisy room - we can’t always control our environment, after all. Or perhaps you’re thinking out loud and say, “never mind, I don’t want to write that.” Now your vocalized thoughts have been added to your typed document. Think about the amount of time it would take to ensure the software translated your speech correctly - would typing not be more beneficial?

For these reasons, I don’t think typing skills have much competition right now. Despite plenty of future tech in development, I don’t think learning to type will be a need that goes away for a long, long time.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)