Why should we choose using keyboard over voice recognition?

I have heard that some people are already using voice recognition. This may replace the usability of keyboards. Is there a disadvantage if we adapt to this new technology and eliminate keyboards?


Voice-to-text and other keyboard alternatives have limitations for written expression. These technologies can adequately reproduce simple thoughts, especially in the informal register of oral speech. However, people expect ideas and stories to be converted into rich writing that is well developed, clearly organized, and solidly supported. This is a cognitive task that requires competent typing.

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Lyka Remeticado
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Hello, @callenlivingston!
Great question and one many wonder about!

While it’s true that as technology progresses, we become more reliant on it, it’s hard to see speech recognition technology completely removing the need for keyboards. For a quick example, consider moments when typing may be needed without speech involved. Additionally, in English at least, the nuances of grammar are so varied, it would be difficult to accurately represent speech as written text through speech recognition technology alone.

Who knows - as we continue to rely more heavily on technology, perhaps you’re on to something!