Why do some people get sleepy when typing on a phone or computer?

I always get sleepy when I type. Are there any people out there who experience the same?


It isn’t uncommon for people to feel sleepy, tired, or otherwise fatigued while typing on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

The fact is that Americans will spend an average of eleven hours a day with some kind of electronic media. This includes TVs, computer monitors, phones, and more. These devices keep us connected, entertained, and informed. They’re a normal part of life for most of us. But, they can also cause damage to the eyes with long-term, prolonged use.

Too much screen time can cause tired eyes, fatigue, vision problems, and headaches among other things. You may develop eye strain issues, double vision, and aches in the muscles or bones.

Problems related to eye strain and vision occur primarily because of the way characters on the screen are displayed. The characters are brightest at their core and lighter at the edges. This design makes your eyes have to jump around to focus, which makes them tired as time passes.

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Hello, @joelsilva!

It’s true and you’re not alone - plenty of people experience sleepiness from screens. Ironically, the blue light emitted from device screens makes many people struggle with sleep, too!

Sleepiness could be your eyes’ way of telling you they’re being strained, so be careful not to spend too much time staring at a screen. You should be able to adjust your screen’s brightness or blue light levels, so try tweaking those settings to see if they help.