Eye pain when typing

How can I avoid eye pain when typing?


We know how hard it can be to practice touch typing, even with a fun program like Typesy. We don’t want to make the hard work you’re doing even harder by throwing in eye pain and damage!

Luckily, we’ve thought of that! This article will help you keep your eyes safe while you work on these valuable skills:

Take care of yourself out there!

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Lyka Remeticado
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Hello, @aairahshort!

Hopefully there is never pain involved while typing! As with any physical movement, too much can cause strain. While you shouldn’t be typing long enough to cause issues, there are a few simple tricks you could try to ease the strain. If you’re a glasses-wearer, switch up between glasses and contacts and look into blue light filtering lenses. You can also find special brightness settings on many devices - look to lower the brightness, switch to “night” or “dark” mode, and use a blue light filter when possible.

Stay safe!
Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)