Why are some people seemed to be really faster in typing compared to others?

I had a typing class in high school and all of us was taught touch typing but I wonder why some students of my age already have a good typing speed and some can easily catch up. Is there an explanation to this?


Very few people, if any at all, are born with the innate ability to type accurately and quickly. While there is an ergonomic element to proper typing regarding the layout of your chosen keyboard and how your hands will lay for proper positioning, there is nothing really automatic about having the ability to type fast. It takes patience, practice, and a good understanding of proper technique.

Some people pick up on these elements more quickly than others and can seem to take off with their typing skills from the beginning, while others may struggle a bit more. Oftentimes, the sooner you learn to type, the better typist you will be later in life. This is why many schools teach the importance of proper typing technique. The earlier that a student learns to type, the easier they pick up technique and can learn to practice their new skills properly.

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Hello, @ewanbutler!

This is a common observation that many wonder about. How do some people just seem naturally better at typing? It all has to do with how our brains are wired - related skills may make it easier for someone to pick up touch typing quicker than most, or extended periods of practice may be key to another’s success.

In terms of your high school class, for those classmates significantly more adept, it is likely that they are either quicker than most when it comes to committing actions to muscle memory, or they have been able to practice the act of typing much more than their peers.