My son's typing speed

Is it normal for my 10 year old son to type faster than anyone in his class?


Yes. Some kids has a great typing speed compared to others and this is perfectly fine, in fact, also helpful.

Good typing skill will benefit children in their higher years or even when they are already working. This will help them finish their work faster and be more productive at work.

The Typesy Team

@giuliaharmon- it’s great that your son is already a strong typist! If he is significantly more adept than his classmates, it is likely that he either is quicker than most when it comes to committing actions to muscle memory, or he has been able to practice the act of typing much more than his peers.

Does your son use proper touch typing technique? If he has developed his own method of typing, test his speed, accuracy, and ability to type without looking. In all likelihood, readjusting him to the touch typing method will improve his overall typing ability in the long run.

And remember - even if he is ahead of his peers, your son should definitely continue to practice good technique and proper body posture!