Too fast in typing

My son have a very fast speed compared to his classmates. Is this something to worry about?

Hi there,

Yes. Some kids has a great typing speed compared to others and this is perfectly fine, in fact, also helpful. Good typing skill will benefit children in their higher years or even when they are already working. This will help them finish their work faster and be more productive at work. There are even numerous online tool that teaches children how to touch type such as Typesy. By this, you can really see that touch typing is important.

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Aidan Bernales
Community Moderator at Typesy

Hi Ananya,

Not at all! That is great! Just be sure that his accuracy is as good as his speed. Keyboarding ability is measured in both speed and accuracy. Typing speed is measured in the total amount of words per minute (WPM) written. Accuracy is measured as a percentage of words typed correctly or incorrectly.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)