What should I do in Quarantine that will further my typing skills and not waste precious time?

I think that there is alot of time to type during Covid-19, I just don’t really know what. I mean I have done most everything in my Typsey levels and I am working on it everyday, but you know, same things over and over again can get very boring. No offense to Typsey, I love your program. So anyone have any thoughts about something extra? (Besides essays I already have to type those:)

Sometimes to practice I like to type along with the news or a TV show. Try to see if you can keep up! A simple activity like this can have lots of great benefits. For one, any time spent typing is practice, and that’s always a good thing. Secondly, we tend to speak much faster than we type, so challenging yourself to keep up with speech can be a great way to push yourself. Lastly, if you’re really looking for a challenge, force yourself to keep your eyes on the TV rather than the keyboard. Watch the actors on screen while you type their conversations.

It’s really great to hear that you’re using this time to better yourself and strengthen a skill!

Typesy Team

Wow, that is an awesome idea. I cannot wait to try it out!!!

I think that, that is a good idea @Kerry!