What is transdisciplinary approach by the way?

I heard typesy is using transdisciplinary approach in typing, what does this mean?

This framework likewise recognizes the brain’s need to learn by constructing meaning and connections. Used by the International Baccalaureate program for its primary grades, the transdisciplinary approach is an evolving pedagogical perspective that a growing number of educators consider vital for preparing today’s students for the challenges they face. It informs a curriculum design that encourages students to ask and answer questions, to understand how content links across disciplines, and to recognize how their learning can help them with real-world contexts and complex problems.

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Hi, @whitneypowell!

This is a great question and one asked by many. In education, a transdisciplinary approach focuses on applicable content for real world problems and solutions rather than a strict tunnel vision of a single academic subject.

For example, where might you find references to World War I? A lecture in history class? A book assigned in English? A transdisciplinary approach would utilize all related subjects in the teaching of a lesson.

In typing, this approach allows for practice that feels more like application than repetition. Learners have wider access to topics interesting to them, and this vested interest is sure to be reflected in focus, motivation, and skill improvement.


As the world of education continues to develop, you may have heard curriculum described as either multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, or transdiciplinary, but what do those terms mean?!

To start, all of these terms describe an approach to learning that combines problem solving skills across multiple subjects.

In the most basic sense, multidisciplinary teaching involves using more than one subject knowledge, but the two areas do not necessarily interact too much. Interdisciplinary teaching acknowledges that knowledge from multiple subject areas can be used together in solving a single problem. A transdiciplinary approach takes this a step further, where the combining of subject areas creates another, unified topic of study.

In relation to Typesy, this means students will interact with academics through typing in ways that bridge the divide between separated subjects. Students will be made to cross reference their areas of subject knowledge, creating multiple layers of learning while working on keyboarding skills.

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