What happened to the Typesy games?

Something has happened to the Typesy games, and I don’t like it:

ZType Plus- I don’t know why, but It used to work perfectly fine, but now it is extremely laggy, to the point where it’s not even fun to play. They also changed how the spaceship looks, and I think it actually looked kinda cool before, but now it doesn’t.

Clumsy Block- Back when it was called Clumsy Bird, it looked like flappy bird, and it was really fun and challenging. Now, instead of a bird, it’s this weird spaceship looking thing, and it’s way to easy and not even fun anymore.

Jump Type- Nothing really changed besides they took away the starting/home screen and changed the name from Jimbo Jump to Jump Type.

Type and Rock- This one was may favorite. I would play it all the time and speedrun it, and I got really fast at it. They changed the way the crowd and characters looks, and that’s fine with me. My main issue with the game is that after I’ve played a few levels, all the words will suddenly disappear, and then I’m no longer able to play the game for some reason. I’m really disappointed about this because I am no longer able to speedrun this game or even PLAY it at all.

Aqua Type- They only thing they really change is that after each run, it would display your distance for that run and your best distance ever. Now it just shows you how many Typesy points you get.

Underwater Type- As far as I know, literally nothing has changed besides the name (I don’t remember what it was called before).I’m stuck on level 43 with 94 stars, but oh well.

Type Man- This one’s different because they actually improved it. It used to be frustrating and hard play and near impossible to beat level 3. You’d have to time everything perfectly and it was so annoying. Then they added more areas where the player stops and it became easier and a lot more fun (still hard tho). Haven’t made it past level 6 yet.

That’s pretty much it besides that fact that all of the games no longer save your highscores. I really hope that they change that because I liked it the way it was.

So there’s my rant.