What are some jobs that would require good typing skills?

If ever I will master touch typing, what are its benefits and how can I use it to find a good job?

Realistically, programmers and other code-focused jobs don’t actually require typing speed for success. Programmers, no matter what kind of coding or programming they do, tend not to worry about typing quickly simply because they worry about so many other variables of their job, including thinking, checking code output, reading code, typing a few lines of code and then testing it.

As a result, problem-solving is a more important skill to programmers than typing speed.

However, there are many other jobs that consider typing speed to be important enough to use as a qualifier for hiring someone. For example, some of those jobs include: data entry and processing, engineering, teaching, secretarial work, paralegal work, pharmacy jobs, and more.

Some of these may not seem like they rely heavily enough on typing for an applicant’s typing speed to be important, but there is a lot of typing involved in these job types behind the scenes of what people typically see, and that makes typing speed important.

I think one job that you kneed to know how to type well would be computer scientist but that is not something that everyone can do.

  1. Online Chat Agents.
  2. Closed Captioning Work.
  3. Virtual Assistants.
  4. Editors and Proofreaders.
  5. Freelance Writers.
  6. Transcriptionists.
  7. Paralegal.
  8. Translations
  9. MRM
  10. Receptionist
  11. Certain) Accountants
  12. Data Research and Processing
    13.Captcha Entry Jobs
  13. Online Survey Jobs
  14. Computer Scientist
  15. Virtual Engineer
  16. Computer Technician
  17. Filing and Data Graphing
  18. Website-Creator
  19. Doctors
  20. Typists or Word Processors

Hey, @jacksonsummers!

It’s fairly difficult to find a job these days that doesn’t involve typing. Even if a job isn’t typing intensive, there is typing involved in many steps of navigating and communicating in the workplace. The time needed for any given digital task will be affected by your typing skill, and while it may not add up to much in the moment, that time can quickly stack up over weeks and months. If you’re looking to work online, you will definitely want be working towards a mastery of typing.

In terms of typing-specific jobs, I’ve always thought being a transcriptionist could be fun! Typists create text files of audio recordings, typing the words spoken as they hear them. It is the type of job that would require very strong typing skills.

Typesy Team