Typing Self Practice

Can you learn typing on your own?


Yes it’s fine but you need to search for resources to learn touch typing because there is a particular finger for each keys. If you will not learn this, you might adapt the hunt-and-peck typing.

The Typesy Team

It’s true that you could learn on your own - with the ubiquity of personal devices these days, we all spend more than enough time typing with our thumbs to know we could figure it out with our fingers, too!

But this is why it is perhaps more important than ever to ensure we are developing the correct typing skills. The longer you go without formal keyboarding training, the longer you will likely be continuing bad habits.

If you are to learn on your own, make sure to seek out a well-rounded curriculum to ensure you’re only practicing good habits - both physical and mental - when mastering this skill.

Typesy Team