Old Method of Touch Typing

Before keyboarding was taught in school, how did students or people learn about touch typing?


Several approaches have been use to teach touch typing such as students learning from their own, printed typing drill books, previous-generation typing software, and simple online typing games.

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Hello, @mollyfleming!

Personally, my school did not offer formal keyboarding classes, so I learned on my own simply through ongoing use. The more I typed, the better I got at it, but I was developing muscle memory not aligned to the finger positioning for touch typing.

As I got older, I realized my own typing method was pretty inefficient. Early on I was much more proficient than my classmates, but as they progressed in their own formal typing training, I was quickly left in the dust. Realigning my muscle memory to allow for proper technique has helped me greatly now that programs such as Typesy are available.

As with almost anything, practice is the key!


Many people utilized self-learning techniques, and many others simply typed enough on a daily basis they developed their own method. Whether or not these people are as proficient at typing as those who learned formal touch typing, we may never know!

There are plenty of places in the world today that still do not offer formal classes for teaching typing. While the ubiquity of technology allows for more learning through simple exposure, there is still the issue of allowing for bad habits to form. Using a research-based program such as Typesy to guide you through the process is the most sure fire way to ensure you’re learning to type with proper technique and maximum efficiency.

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)