Typesy Homeschool Webinar Schedule

This post will be updated for new webinar schedules.

A free webinar will be conducted to help you set up your very first typing homeschool account, and a few keyboarding tips from our Typesy resident homeschool expert and authority Karen Jernigan. Feel free to register to any of the webinar schedules below:

Register here for June 19, 6PM Central Time

Register here for June 21, 6PM Central Time

are there more webinars available?
I signed in to one but couldn’t get my login and everything ready in time so I had to leave it.
I really need help getting this all set up!

Please let me know if I can join another one soon,
Thank you!

Hi Courtney,

Thanks for waiting!

We are currently working on a few more updates with our Webinar Activities.

For now, here is a webinar recording from one of our previous sessions:

Click here to view

Feel free to submit a ticket here if you have any concerns.

Best Regards,