Turn Off Display Keyboard

I can’t turn off my display keyboard.
I have been making progress in my typing skills and want to get rid of the display keyboard crutch as I need to get fast in a distracted environment.
I found it in settings but it’s the only setting I can’t change. I can change settings and they all say saved settings, but the display keyboard just saves as “on” even if I set it to off.
I’ve tried everything, over days and the only way I can get rid of it is to toggle it off at the start of each lesson.
am I missing a trick? It’s rather inconvenient now that I don’t really want the display help.
Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.

Hi @Snowolf! Welcome to the Typesy Community! I would be more cheerful with my greeting, however, it looks we’ll need to check on this one first as soon as possible. No worries! We got you. :grin:

Kindly send us a ticket in: https://helpdesk.ereflect.com/portal/en/newticket?departmentId=172636000000006907&layoutId=172636000002004011

Remember to use an email address that you’re also using with Typesy, so we can locate your account easily, and update you as well. See you there!

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Thankyou I summited a ticket.
I appreciate the help

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No worries at all! We received your ticket, and I’ll be working with you personally on this one. :grin:

Thank you once again for contacting our Helpdesk, Snowolf!

Now that we’ve resolved your inquiry, I would like to welcome you once again to our Typesy Community, and this time it’s all smiles! :grin:

We’re always open to help everyone, so just drop us a ticket anytime, and we’ll be there to assist you. Have a wonderful day ahead! :partying_face:

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