To use the screen or to remember

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Typesy as I need to learn how to type correctly, as I feel it will make me able to construct better-detailed notes about my work
Just a quick question on the first courses. Do you look at the screen to see where the key is you should be pressing or do you try and remember and use the screen as a last resort?

Just like to know the best way to learn

Sorry if this has been mentioned before

Richie 78


Hi @Richie78 you should be looking at the screen at all times the point of touch-typing is to not look at the keyboard


Gabriel Dressen


Hi @Richie78,

We appreciate you posting on Typesy Community.

You can actually look at the keyboard if you are just starting to learn how to touch type. Look at the keyboard to be familiar with it.

Once you get the hang of learning which keys are assigned to which finger, then look at the screen when typing to see how you are doing well.

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same for me i am only 7

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