Safety typing technique

Hi, can you recommend techniques or tips on how to do the typing properly and avoid body discomfort.


You can follow these tips:

  • Keep your head straight and facing forward
  • Make sure you back stays supported
  • Let your arms fall naturally from your shoulders
  • Your chair should provide support to your legs
  • Don’t stress your eyes
  • If you use your mouse, make sure it has the same level as your keyboard
  • Don’t forget to take breaks every now and then

The Typesy Team

@abdullahdixon, this is such an important question!

As with any physical movement, too much can cause strain. While you should never be typing long enough to cause issues, there are ways to maintain proper posture when typing, such as those listed above.

Use your equipment correctly, too. Many detached keyboards have extendable legs, but it actually makes more ergonomic sense to keep keyboards flat against the surface of the desk. Having the keyboard tipped up may cause you to angle your wrists too harshly, leading to discomfort.

Typesy Team