Profile pictures

Does anyone know how to make a profile pic for types community?


Your profile pic for Typesy Community is literally just your profile pic for regular Typesy.

I do not understand this science.

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It is hard to understand.

So I will stay a green A for the rest of my pitiful life. LOL


@agm let talk forever ok ok good

I do not think my A is that cringey…

I just wanted a pic of my self bc I am a narcissist

Totally kidding I hate the way I look…but that is okay

you their @agm if so let’s taco

are you there @agm if soooooooooooo not being mean start speakin

I have been really busy and I am not trying to be mean to anybody…like EVER

hi agm i have not talked to you in forever lol

I am so sorry. I just explained why in another message

yes i just seen it bruuuuuh i was soooooooooo close in another topic to winning on nitro type the topic is called nitro type me so close to winning i no stupid name

u there @agm we where talking and then u stoped

I did stop because I had a school class to attend.

LOL! :rofl: I’m a brownish L!

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Well yeah. And my name does not even make sense bc it is not my name. LOL

What do you mean? I thought your name was Kim?

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