Other layouts other than Qwerty

Are there other layouts aside from qwerty?

Yes, the Dvorak layout was invented by August Dvorak. He thought that the QWERTY layout was neither ergonomic nor efficient in terms of touch typing speed. Several other keyboard layout exists, such as the Colemak, the Maltron, and the Half QWERTY for smartphones, but the QWERTY is still the unquestionable winner.

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It’s true! QWERTY, while definitely the most popular, is not the only set up. Touch typing can be taught on any keyboard, QWERTY or otherwise. However, since the core of touch typing is developing muscle memory, mastery on one keyboard will not directly transfer to another as the keys will be placed differently. For this reason, it is important that you use only one keyboard type when initially learning keyboarding skills. Since the QWERTY layout is by far the most widely used, I suggest you stick with that!

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