My typing speed is different in laptop and computer

Hi, I would like to ask why is it that my typing speed will change when using a laptop and a computer?


One reason is because it has different sizes unlike keyboard which has a standard size. Another one, maybe because broken laptop keyboards are harder to fix compared to desktop keyboards because it is separate from the monitor and some people are just being careful not to damage the laptop which creates hesitation when typing.

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Since the core of touch typing is developing muscle memory, mastery on one keyboard will not directly transfer to another as the keys will be placed differently. I would guess you are scoring a higher WPM on the keyboard you use more often. If, say, your desktop keyboard is fairly big, your fingers will be used to stretching to reach keys. Now, when you move over to a smaller laptop keyboard, your fingers will automatically overreach as they’re used to the keys being further apart. I would suspect that if you spend a good amount of time using both, your fingers will come to learn both eventually.

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