Manual Assignment of Lessons

When using Typesy, do I have to manually add each assignment or can I assign the entire curriculum?


Yes, the teacher-parent will have to manually create test/assignments. But assigning of the entire curriculum in the class will be done within the class setting. You may enable one curriculum at a time so that the students-children won't be confused as to which curriculum they should start first or have it open for everyone to choose which curriculum they should start.

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Lyka Remeticado
Community Associate at Typesy

Hello, @torinerickson!

As an administrator, you will have access to and control over every aspect of your students’ experience from lessons to assignments to assessments. There are plenty of Typesy resources to choose from, so you can be assured you are curating a program perfect for your learner’s needs. You will be able to monitor class and individual student progress, assign customizable tests, and relax as Typesy does the grading for you!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)