I have 70 WPM typing speed

I am in the 7th grade my my speed is 70 WPM. What is this sign of and how can I improve?


A typing speed of 100 WPM,regardless of what age is awesome!

If you’re already a practiced touch typist, and want to focus on speed and/or accuracy, some typing program such as Typesy accommodates your learning needs as well. Its Advanced Typing Course is actually a collection of six mini-courses that focus on developing specific touch typing skills. These mini courses use more difficult words and focus on developing automatic proficiency when typing vowels combinations and diphthongs, uncommon consonants, short but difficult words, words with doubled letters, common phrases, and practice with prefixes and suffixes.

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Hi there,

For 7th grader with a typing speed of 70 wpm is absurdly high “average”. Which simply means that you are doing a great job. But if you would want to beat that record of yours then you need to keep on practicing regularly and your fingers will learn their location on the keyboard through muscle memory.