How to look for the good chair when typing?

Hi, I really wanted to do the proper method when practicing. What kind of chair would you recommend to help my practice better?


Two features to look for when choosing a chair for your computer work space are a good design and adjustability. A well-designed chair will support several key areas including your elbows, legs, back, and buttocks. A padded seat and backrest covered in the right material will offer comfort. A five-footed base will improve stability and ease of movement. And an adjustable back rest that conforms to your spine’s natural curvature will provide better back support.

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Hello, @saniyacox!

This might depend on your desk, too! You want your elbows bent no tighter than 90 degrees; otherwise the nerves running up and down your arm can get squished. You always want to be able to keep your shoulders relaxed, too. The screen on which you’re working should be level with your eyes when sitting comfortably.

Make sure when looking for a chair you select one that allows you to type comfortably at your desk!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)