How to position the keyboard and monitor?

What is the appropriate way to position the keyboard and monitor when practing how to type?

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As with your computer monitor, the placement of your keyboard on your work surface matters. You don’t want it too close to you or too far away. If you have to stretch your arms and tilt your torso forward to reach it, it’s too far. If the keyboard is too close, your arms and forearms will create more of a “V” shape than the preferred ninety degree angle or “L-shape”.

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Hi Raisa,
There are quite a few things you can check to be sure you are set up and ready to go with your keyboard and monitor before you type. Set up your keyboard so that it is flat or slightly elevated. Do not have your keyboard slanted downward. Your upper arms should not have to extend very far forward to reach the keyboard or the mouse. Your arms should be able to rest at a 90 degree angle. If not, adjust the distance of your keyboard from the edge of the desk. Your monitor should be 20-40 inches from you as you type. I hope that helps!

Alex (The Reimagined Classroom Teacher)