Failed to update course

I got a message from a student - failed to update course. What does that mean? He isn’t able to complete the work I’ve assigned.

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Hi there,

Apologies for what happened.

We were currently working on a few updates during this time. The app should be working now.

Kind Regards,


I’ve seen that too. maybe patience will do.


Hi Eno, are you still receiving this error? May I ask what device are you using, please?

Can you try opening the web application on a Google Chrome browser and see if the error still persists? Web app: [ ]


do you mean browser?

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Yes, can you try the web application in Google Chrome?

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Maybe your internet connection was bad?

yes. I am using the browser google chrome.

wait… I am using the (not so) new Microsoft edge. i got mixed up and said google chrome.