Do I need to teach my child as early as possible?

Hi, is it really necessary that my child learn to type? She is 9.


Yes. If you do not learn the right typing skills at a young age in life, it can seem like a daunting task to jump in and learn how to type correctly. However, it is well worthwhile to take the time to learn. Your typing accuracy, efficiency, and speed will all increase by learning to type with all your fingers than if you continue to hunt and peck.

The Typesy Team

As presented in national educational standards, keyboarding is deemed an essential skill. As the world continues to rely more heavily on technology, the ability to type has become a necessary skill for any and all entering the 21st-century workforce.

Between texting and posting, young people today are more familiar with keyboarding than any generation prior. With the ubiquity of personal devices, many kids are more than proficient when it comes to typing with their thumbs. This is why it is perhaps more important than ever to ensure our students are developing the correct typing skills. The longer a student goes without formal keyboarding training, the longer they have to build bad habits.

With enough patience and practice, anyone of any age can learn to touch type. That being said, the older a student, the longer they have had to develop bad habits. It is advisable to first introduce structured keyboarding lessons before the middle school years. That way, the child has developed the literacy and motor function skills needed but have not yet had too much time to develop bad typing habits.