Difficulty using Typesy

A number of strange things are happening when I use Typesy.
The first time I used it, things went well at the beginning. Then the screens started to freeze so I couldn’t move on to the next letter even though my previous letters in that lesson were correct. Then letters started turning red even when they were correct. Only spaces turned green and I started getting messages to start over to improve my accuracy even when my accuracy was 100%.
I tried to start over today, from the beginning, but this time these messages started on lesson one.
I made no errors but again everything except spaces turned red and I got message to start over to improve my accuracy.
Am I correct that red indicates an error and why am I getting these messages. I have a lot to learn but this appears to be a problem with the app. Please help!

Hi Linda,

Thanks for waiting!

May I ask if what device are you using and are you using the download version or web application?

Can you try opening the web application on a Google Chrome browser and see if the error still persists?

Web app: https://www.typesy.com/type

Kind Regards,